Hot Desking API


I see that the API allows you to do Queue Login/Off as well as Queue Pause/Unpause (last time I tested, I had no success. But whatever…)

Can you guys please add functionality to allow login/off to a device for Hot Desking users?

Thank you

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… with the ability to load an accompanying auto provisioning template to the phone for the logged in user.

That’s a total different thing. That means rewriting Hot Desking from scratch and use an XML button instead.

What… The difference between making Hot Desking actually Hot Desk, like all of the other Hot Desks available in the marketplace? Hot Desking is not really Hot Desking until a user’s full configuration is loaded to the phone (auto provisioning). I find Hot Desking in VitalPBX to be quite useless and will never present the option to my customer base as is. I’ll give them VitXi instead, or 3CX, or PBXware, or [insert just about anyone else here].

And what do you care if it’s a “rewrite” PitzKey? VitalPBX should make the the feature work as already provided by the competition. I’ve been giving VitalPBX a pass as they enhance the auto provisioning features. Now that auto provisioning is usable, follow up with Hot Desking. Real, actual hot desking.

We use VitalPBX’s Hot Desking in large orgs, so we obviously don’t find it useless.

This post, as written in the original post, is a feature request (it’s posted here in #wish-list) to add endpoints to the API which will allow us to login/off an extension to a device.

I agree that full hot desking is more efficient when the user has their buttons, but that, as mentioned, involves in rewriting Hot Desking to support each kind of phone, and there’s many many more details going into it. It has to be compliment with the Ray Baum and Kari’s law etc etc etc.

If you want such a feature, you are more than welcome to create a new post.