Home Assistant to VitalPBX

Is there a plugin for Home Assistant (https://www.home-assistant.io/) that can show the status of extensions, call status and other information in Home Assistant.

And if the motion sensor / door sensor, temperature, humidity from the output / alarm, a call from the VitalPBX system would be sent.

Or is there an enthusiast interested in making an add-on for, for example, the Github service?

It would bring more satisfied customers to Vitalpbx, because no other pbx brings Home Assistant properly. :slight_smile:

Google: home assistant asterisk integration

Does that help?

Please share your findings here! Its very interessting.

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Many years back they did have a addon for (Domotic i think) but is now gone. I would love to see an intergration with HA it would open up a lot of usefull automations based apon trigger points happening in Vitalpbx.


There are several plugins for Home Assistant that can display information from various sources such as call status, motion sensors, temperature sensors, and door sensors. Some examples include:

  1. VitalPBX Call Monitor: This plugin allows Home Assistant to monitor incoming and outgoing calls from a VitalPBX system.
  2. MQTT Alarm Control Panel: This plugin integrates an alarm control panel into Home Assistant, which can be used to monitor the status of door and motion sensors.
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