Holiday calendar in VitalPBX 4

There are national or other holidays in every country which are most often occurs from Monday to Friday.
It would be good to define the days of the national holidays and add it to the time conditions.
For example Xmas is from 24th to 26th on December. If these days are on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the time group is recognized these day as working days. Which is true on every other date except Xmas.

Time Group: Holidays (Here, you must define your country holidays)
Time Condition: Holidays

  • If matches, go to any destination announcing that the office is closed because of holidays!
  • If doesn’t match, check for another time condition for working hours!
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Thank you. I implemented your suggestion. Unfortunatelly it is a manual work and must be managed/reviewed regurarly. For example Easter is on different days in each year.
Other example is the internal company holidays which is a standard working day but the company is closed for some reason.
All these information is recorded in M365, Google calendar or CRM systems for years. Some are automatically (national holidays) others manually (company holidays).
It would be good to have a 3rd party calendar connection to avoid double work. Time is money. :slight_smile:

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MS365’s ressources and needs for this feature is disproportional compared to VitalPBX and their user’s needs.
After trying a few more PBX systems, I have yet to see one that does that.

At least, with Miguel’s solution, we can prep a whole year in advance. I also wasnt sure how to do it.

But I think this could be a great addition eventually. I sure am happy that I am not the one who has to manage ever changing holidays for every countries! :rofl:

It would be beneficial to be able to create a schedule of holidays that you can download and modify then upload for the new year or to other PBX instances.
Is this available or can it be provided in future updates