High Battery Drain

I thought today: why is my battery so low. Here is why: VitalPBX Mobile.
I have a pixel 3.
I did not even use the app as you can see (0 minutes) it drained battery for hours in background.
Please check, thanks



When you installed it at the end it asks you when you enter the account that if you want it to work in Background, it asks? did you select Deny?

Try removing and reinstalling the app. Check every permission and decide to allow it or not.

The screenshot above shows: no battery optimization for VitalPBX mobile. So I guess the app asked to turn the battery optimization off at some point.
Will the app work fine with battery optimization turned on? Or will then push not work anymore?

I now allowed the battery optimization for this app but again without even using it (just opening it today) it drained 8% battery in only 3 hours.
It it will drain the battery with battery optimization on or off. It does not matter.

What i noticed: Back button will “close” the app and with homebutton the app will stay in the background.

ZoiPer (Free Version) is another better alternative. Using it for past 1.5 years and it works as charm.
Outgoing call, incoming calls no issue at all.

Using it with SIP on TLS ( Not TCP or UDP).
3-4 hour background running showing approx. 0.5% usage.
Give it a try!

Thanks for the hint.
i would like to see the VitalPBX Mobile app get better.

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