High Availability with machines in diferent network


I would like to know if it is possible to configure two virtual machines with High Availability in diferents network’s.

Your documentation only said that they need to have in the same network:


My idea is to have two machines in different location with High Availability , redundancy of service and location. It is possible to do anything similar to this?

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It is not possible in different locations because a floating IP is needed.
However, we recommend that you explore doing it with Proxmox.

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I am trying to reply to this post, but I can’t.

When deploying High Availability, can one license work for both servers? - FAQ - VitalPBX Community

I would like to know if it is possible to change specifications on machine after buy a Enterprise License.
If I have a machine with enterprise license and with some specifications, can I incrise the specifications, after buy the license without problems?
If the machine (virtual or phisical) have any kind of problems, can we create new machine with this license? The license have any kind of association to any kind of attribues of the first machine that had been installed, like MAC address ?

You can revoke the license before changing the specification of the virtual or physical machine.
The license is revoked at the same site where you activated it.
And for some reason the machine is damaged and you cannot revoke the license, we will gladly revoke it immediately at your request.

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I talked to my hosting company and we believe we have a way to do this, we just need to test it. Because they can float IPs between their data centers they are going to make a backup image to their second data center every hour, because the image is an actual copy of the original server and both won’t be online at the same time we should only need one license. It isn’t instantaneous because it involves some manual work but we believe we boot and roll it over to the other location in around 5 minutes with minimal data loss.

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