Has anyone got the SPA3102 inbound Caller ID working?

HAve the SP3102 working inbound calls and outbound calls reasonably well

VitalPBX I feel cannot pick up the CID information. All it provides on the screen is the Trunk Name “PSTN01”

Can someone tell me the Trunk Settings they used if the got it working.


  • Protocol: SIP/PJSIP
  • VitalPBX Version
  • SNGREP/Asterisk CLI Trace

VitalPBX 3.1.7-1
Asterisk 18.10.0-1
DAHDI 2.11.1-7

Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 12-12-25 VitalPBX
Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 12-13-11 VitalPBX
sngrep1.txt (516.2 KB)

What folder will the CLi output be in?

You do not need DHADI to connect the SPA to VitalPBX. You can review the following Blog on how it integrates with a similar device:


I dont believe its connected to Dhadi, Where did you see that? I don’t believe I have any Dhadi devices detected.
In any event. Can you explain one thing to me about SPA3102
What I imagined was when I call in say form a third party phone into the FXO, the Caller ID of that Phone is transmitted to the 3102 and passed onto PBX.

What I get is the the Display Name of the PSTN Line (SPA3102) plus the Auth ID (bell line number connected to the fxo). It doesnt matter where the call is coming from, the Caller ID shows SPA3102 and <905624XYXY> each time.



Is this the Caller ID or is it suppose to pass on the Caller ID form the incoming caller ?

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