Hang ups not seen by VitalPBX


I have a VitalPBX and a few phones (Grandstreams and Yealinks) connected to it, for some reason when one of the phones hangs up a call I cannot see it in the “asterisk -rvvv” output, neither is the call ending. I have never met this issue before and have no idea why this is happening.

Note that if the hang ups are coming from the outside it works.

Thanks for your help.

Your issue can be also related to your VoIP provider or the NAT settings.

I tried to do the same with a Fanvil IP Phone and it worked well, I’ll try to figure out why phones from these two other brands are not sending hang up notice.

Thanks for your feedback

Do you see the BYE in sngrep?

Using Fanvil phones I can see the BYE in sngrep but not with the Grandstream or Yealink.

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