grandstream HT813 no ring back tone for outgoing call; fxs port not registering

I installled vitalpbx 3 latest version and did PJSTP trunk to grandstream HT813 with latest firmware. incoming call and outgoing are working fine. im using vitalpbx softphone. no hardphone.
while dialing outgoing call i can hear 2 ringtone then afterwards its a big silence but its actually ringing in the called number. because of this i cannot know whther the call is making or not.

May I know where im missing it.

Also FXS port not registering with vitalpbx after configuring with fxo port. its status shows registered in grandstream HT813 for fxo port but not fxs. but first fxs was showing registered. after changing sip default port of grandstream of fxs and fxo, fxs port never registered. fxs sip port is 5062 and fxo is 5060. vitalpbx im using PJSIP for fxo and SIP for fxs. where im missing here also

after some attempt I could install with latest vitalpbx mobile application with my samsung S21 FE. and its QR code worked fine. now i can hear ringtone while calling from it. so its something related to softphone

But same didnt happened with my Huawei p40 pro. its scan but not recognize the QR Code. may I know the reason?

Ive had a similar experience with the Grandstream ATA’s

The only model i could get working at the time was a HT801 or a Cisco ATA

Both only worked using SIP not PJSIP. However i have not started testing them on PJSIP just yet.

I thing we do is change the default ports on Vital

5060 - SIP
5062 - PJSIP

I believe new installs are now 5060 for pjsip? Dont quote me on that… its been a while since setting up from scratch.

Before we made this change we had many issues with some Paxton door entry system phones that only supported SIP and Port 5060

Since finding out CHAN_SIP is being removed we are going to be testing with PJSIP soon.

Not sure if any of that helps.

Also if you are using SIP and having issues this is usually to do with NAT.

Try doing a wireshark as this will give you some valuable information

initially when I did PJSIP with FXS it registered. but when i changed the FXO to 5060 it become like this. what im thinking now.
for FXO ill create second trunk. and reverse the port back and see how ti works

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