Grandstream gxw4108 and pjsip trunk

I’m having a hard time getting GXW4108 and the right settings for Vitalpbx 4 to use trunk pjsip with this older SIP gateway. I know I can start with 3 then restore backup. But that just makes a SIP trunk and I really need to move forward with what will be supported. I have several of these GXW4108 anolog sip gateways in use. So if someone can give me some direction I would love that. If not doable can you recommend another piece of hardware that would do the same thing convert from SIP(PJSIP) to anolog.
I have clients with BAD internet in country and so anolog lines work better.

Thanks Greg

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i think Vital 4 still have sip option in Device profile and you can try that one for sip trunk

No 4 no longer has SIP for trunk. I can make a Ver 3 server export config import to 4 and I have a SIP trunk. But what happens if backend in Vitalpbx 4 stops allowing plain sip. Which vital has made clear will happen. HELP

Just try with pjsip since this is also sip.
And a new grand stream is not so expensive and the new grand stream definitely support pjsip.