Google TTS in recordings management

Hi, on my previous PBX I had TTS integrated into recordings management so end users could type what they wanted in and it would generate the recording. Is that possible with VitalPBX? If not I’d like to make it a feature request.

Just a sneak peak what is coming as 3rd party for VitalPBX in the future.
What you guys think?

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We love those kinds of modules.


This is what I’m looking for, interested to see this when it’s ready. When are you expecting to have this ready and would you like some help and/or testing?

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Write me a PM with contact details regarding testing.

I would love to see this as an official part of VitalPBX, which means, that its included in the carrier (monthly/annually) licensing program

I am open for that since all the hard work is already done.
Vitalpbx can contact me anytime.

This is only a small part of an even bigger suite of really helpful tools we developed for Vitalpbx to make even more people love it.

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Hello dear @mo10

Is it possible to know the modules you developped for VitalPBX, maybe we can be interested. :slight_smile:

Best regards

Hi, sure:

Flow is a 3rd Party extension to VitalPBX that allows a visual approach to configuring and managing the underlying asterisk dialplans by providing flowchart like visual graphs and a set of tools to configure the various VitalPBX modules in an intuitive and seamless way.

Visualize and edit even the most complicated call-flows of which you would lose track otherwise. Time is money: you will save time creating, changing and reviewing call-flows.

Main Features

  • installable on new or existing Installations (v3 or v4)
  • Automatic holidays from all over the world
  • Normalize, add silence to sound files
  • Multi-tenant capable
  • Duplicate modules: IVR, Queue, Trunks and Ring Group
  • Trunk templates / presets
  • Let’s you undo or redo changes
  • Calendar add-on
  • Better Time Groups
  • Text to Speech Recording Generator
  • Route Visual graphs
  • All Inbound Routes visual in an overview

What do you think?

hello dear @mo10

Seams interesting
Do you have some videos showing how it works or can we have a live meeting?

Best regards

Hi @gmap you can write me a PM and we can see what we can do.

Kind regards.

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