Google keeps flagging VitalPBX servers as "deceptive/dangerous"

Google keeps flagging all of my VitalPBX installs as dangerous/deceptive sites. Please see attached screenshot.

It seems that something VitalPBX is presenting is triggering Google to flag all VitalPBX instances like this. This is happening on 100% of my VitalPBX installs. My SSL certificates are valid and issued by Let’s Encrypt.

Maybe because of your main domain? So all Subdomains are affected.
Might something happened or going on recently.

You use something like WordPress or so in your main domain?

Some information that I found:

Detect the Cause of the Problem

To resolve the warning, you need to locate the source of the problem. First, use Google Safe Browsing to verify your site’s status. This free Google tool will detect any malware or phishing threats that made the web browser deem the website unsafe.

Alternatively, deep scan your website using a malware scanner. This method is ideal for users with limited technical knowledge, as the tool will do all the work for you. Plenty of online malware scanners like SiteGuarding and Quttera offer this service for free.

Reasons for the warnings include:

  • Your site has been infected with malware
  • Your site contains phishing pages
  • There’s an issue with your SSL certificate
  • Your website has questionable links
  • You offer suspicious downloads

Warning meaning

Deceptive Site Ahead

This warning refers specifically to websites that might be phishing sites. For example, it could be a page designed to look like it belongs on your website but used to steal users’ personal information.