Good documentation on BLF/DSS keys?

Is there any really good documentation anywhere on how to get DSS keys to properly work on a fanvil x6u phone? I can’t find hardly a thing on it. The 2 pages I’ve found on vital’s site are very useless unfortunately. Can’t really find any good how-to videos on youtube even looking outward to other pbxs in general unfortunately.

Hoping someone here might be able to help me maybe?

Trying to make DSS keys 1-2 line 1-2, 3-5 park1-3, and the rest BLF keys for other extensions.

When I make them, line 1 key lights up green and works, none of the other keys light up. When I try to put a call in park, it successfully parks them and picks them up, but doesn’t light up the key to indicate someone is on park. :confused:

Please share your BLF values?

This is a global template I have setup: I hope this is what you meant when you asked me for that?

Also note I’ve tried the dial code 701-703. Ignore that *4 part :slight_smile: I can get it to park calls, but lights don’t show up on the key SP1-3 at all, ever. I can also pick up calls.


ah! it looks like I solved my own issue. You have to specify line 1 for everything. Auto does not work at all. Possible bug in new v4?

Can someone tell me what is the purpose of the “Pickup number” field?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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