Get call information from PBX

I am writing this topic because i am started to think that i am going in circles and i would like someoen to point me to the right direction i have to move.
I want to get the information of any call happening on pbx on real time. Callid,Caller,Destination,Calltype,Callduration,Status
Then parse them and send them to my application via API.

VitalPBX API is not giving us this AFAIK. Only GET CDR.
So i am looking at AMI Events or ARI or custom contexts.
I have played with custom contexts but is giving me a lot of problems. Still managed to get some data for an incoming call.

What i think is, i have to focus to ARI more than AMI. But i am trying to make a websocket connection and i still haven’t made it, leading me to believe i am missing something very obvious.

So my actual question is, should i focus clearly on ARI?
(Use websocket-capture events live-parse them)
And if so, my documentation will be from asterisk wiki or there is something for VitalPBX also?

Thank you in advance.

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