FXS not registering in Grandstream HT813 while FXO does.

I have grandstream HT813 for my home setup. for test purpose I used PISIP extension configuraiotn for grandsteam FXS port and it registered without any issue. then I used FXO it also registered with VitalPBX SIP trunk. then I changed the FXS extension. then From that onwards it went to unregister and never got back to register mode for FXS. i tried to change the local default sip port for fxs and fxo ports . the result is same. FXS port never came back to registered status.

kindly note im very new to vitalpbx. I have latest vitalpbx(3.x) installed in VM

I recommend doing all the configurations with PJSIP. After changing the default ports for any technology, remember to restart Asterisk from the Linux CLI.

i was mentioning about grandstream fxs and fxo port sip ports not the vitalpbx ports. vitalpbx port are not changed .

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