Follow Me hangs up on caller...........

follow me hangs up on caller if callee refuses the call when prompt callee is turned on! this is not good, it should send the caller to another destination like VM. asterisk gives you an option if refuse the caller to send to another destination.

Hi Joe,

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Please provide the version of VitalPBX that you are using.

Can you please link the Asterisk config you are referring to, so the VitalPBX developers can look into that.

Hi and great to meet you, first I would like to say that in the 20 offices I have set up they are all using Vital PBX over Free PBX, Vital in my opinion is just a superior product, the only thing vital is lacking id the VmX Locator function that is used in asterisk and also the ability to send a rejected caller when the prompt callee function is activated to another destination when using follow me, such as VM. So the version of asterisk in is 18. I know VitalPBX’s version of the VmX Locator is the personal assistant but the personal assistant will not function if the caller is routed via a call queue, whereas the VmX Locator has no restrictions. So……………I digress, if the developers could check out…………google “vmx locator or follow me, which is best” they would see the powerful usage of the VmX Locator and being able to use follow me with a final destination if the call is rejected.

Just to be clear, Free PBX and VitalPBX have nothing in common other than they both use Asterisk. (So does 3CX, Twilio and many more) Also, I don’t work for VitalPBX.

Asterisk does not have a function called VmX Locator. Said PBX has developed a mini IVR, same idea as Personal Assistant in VitalPBX.

Why would you even want that? Calls to Queue Agents should go to their SIP Endpoints or to their diverted destinations. It should never be diverted to any sort answering system, because you literally defeat the call queueing solution.

Correct me if I am wrong. You are asking saying two things:

  1. Issue: If you reject a FollowMe call, it gets lost.
  2. Feature Request: Allow setting a “Post FollowMe Destination” which I assume the default should be voicemail, with options to send it to Personal Assistant or any destination in the PBX.


I agree with everything you said, I am just a PBX hobbyist setting up Vital PBX in homes and very small offices because I love the technology and learning about IT, so thank you for straightening me out about those items and teaching me a bit! and yes to your last statement, it would be great it Vital follow me has a fail over or final destination if the prompt callee were activated and the callee pressed 2 to reject the call VM or another destination) rather than just hanging up on the caller. Im am glad to be a part of this forum and fortunate to speak to intelligent IT people such as your-self, thank you, Joe