Fixed CID value for Follow me


Where can you change the External CID value on the Follow me?
In FreePBX and Elastix you have the options under follow me to Change the External CID Configuration to a Fixed CID value
I cant find that setting in VitalPBX and I need it for my call forwarding to work.
These are the options under Freepbx:

Change External CID Configuration

Fixed CID Value
Outside Calls Fixed CID Value
Use Dialed Number
Force Dialed Number
Fixed CID Value:

Hello @Franc0isv and welcome to the forums!

VitalPBX has nothing in common with FreePBX or Elastix (other than the fact that they all use Asterisk… So does Twilio…), so please refrain from comparing the two.

VitalPBX allows you to set the Caller’s or Callee’s CID on diverted calls. You can do so under the extension’s advanced tab.

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