Firewall error ISO install

I tried installing the current ISO in a Vultr VPS but the firewall stopped me from accessing the web GUI. I disabled the FW and I could login but I noticed the index of the firewall rules in the GUI looked messed up. See the attached image and you can see the index numbering of the rules is not sequential and index number 13 has been repeated twice?
I reinstalled on the same VPS and the FW seems to be working correctly now, I can access the GUI but I see the same issue with the index numbering?.. Could this incorrect indexing be a sign of an issue with the DB?..VitalPBX_Firewall_Error

Before starting to use the PBX or making your tests, make sure to add your IP address to the white-list; this will avoid the firewall banning your IP if some device sends invalid credentials or you enter the wrong user and password on the GUI Login.

You don’t have to worry about the Index. Actually, we should remove it in future versions to avoid any confusion.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll see what happens with the FW rules. Cheers.
On a side note, is the minimum requirements of VPBX of 2 Core CPU and 4GB RAM a hard limit or just a recommendation? Are there any modules or components that won’t function correctly with 1 Core CPU and 2GB RAM? Cheers.

It always depends on what you want to do. How many extensions, call recording yes/no. 1vcpu and 2GB of Ram should be fine for most cases.

Also see here:

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