Firewall-cmd Ipset=voipbl every 20 min

Around every 20 minutes in my servers, I have noticed they are running the following commands, which are causing very high load

Dont have the geo-firewall module installed which I thought was the module that used large ipsets. What is this supposed to be doing if I dont have the module installed? Is it possible to stop it from running every 20 minutes?

Ok so it seems the php script build_firewall_blacklists triggers everything. It triggers the full command

/usr/bin/python2 -Es /usr/bin/firewall-cmd --ipset_voipbl --remove-entries-from-file=/etc/firewalld/ipsets-plain/voipbl.txt

Why is it running so often?

Removing or wiping the voipbl.txt file does nothing as the scripts recreates the file


Curious thing is that the asteriskbl.txt and sshbl.txt files where only modified on Dec 14, while the voipbl.txt file gets modified every 20 minutes.

What are your server SPECS? You can use the command below to see the CPU processors and Clock Speed.


Its 2 vcpu 2gb ram Vultr vm, it has been running without issues until the lastest version update 3.2.3-8 when the frecuency of the voipbl blacklist downloads was increased.

Is there any way to modify the frecuency of the downloads or when the scripts are executed?

You can change the frequency in the file:

Thank you, I will adjust it to a different value.

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