Finding out disk usage VitalPBX.

I have a VitalPBX instance running on Google Cloud.
Recently I am getting messages that my diskusage is over 90% of the disk and it seems to go up 1% every week.

In my opinion my disk is only 60GB, nut my VitalPBX dashboard says: 58.6GB used and 13.6 GB free.

I want to know why the disk usage is increasing, however I have not been able to pin point the data.
Somehow I fount out all data is in /dev/sda1/ however I can not find out list the files on this device.

Can someone tell how I can see what files are using most space on my disk ?

cd /
du -sh * | grep G

…and gig deeper

I found out using WinSCP. Calculating almost every folder I could find.

@PitzKey Using your tip. I find out by doing:

  • cd /
  • sudo du -sh * | grep G

Then got: 54G mnt and did a cd mnt and again: sudo du -sh * | grep G
Next I got: usr (3.1G) abd var (51G) and after: cd var and sudo du -sh * | grep G
I saw that most data was in log (33G) and lib (17G).

From the log folder I went to the subfolder asterisk and found about 31 files from 1 GB.
These files are fail2ban (10x) and full.* (11x)

Now I now that the logs are filling my disk. Could some one tell which if I may delete the older files without any penalty ?

Or better, could some one point me out to a log rotate to minimize the total of fail2ban and full.* log files.

Regrading your logs, seems like the rotate isn’t working properly, see the date stamp.

Is your PBX up-to-date?

You can safely delete the old files, and then try to fully update your PBX.

yum update

After the update is done, then you have to reboot the server


Next time you can try yum install ncdu and then run ncdu. I like it.

Analyzing the datestamps on failtoban.* , I can see that I have only 5 files 7 files. 1 from today and 6 from the prior months. So for fail2ban, I seem keep a maximum of 7 monts logging.

Could anyone help me identify the FULL.* files ?
Are the the “full” Asterisk loggings ?

Don’t beat a dead horse. Just update and get rid of all those files.

Just checked, I am already on VitalPBX 3.2.1 Release 1 (which is the latest version at this point).

I have delete almost 30GB of logfiles (Fail2ban and full.*), my usage went from 58GB to abou 28 GB. (A reboot was needed for VitalPBX to show the change free space).

In the past I saw some scriptfiles that regulated the fail2ban files e.g. doing “rotate”.
However I have been searching my whole Vitalpbx disk and have not find them again.

Could anyone point me to the location of these scripts ?

The log rotate config should be in /etc/logrotate.d/asterisk

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