file location of custom system recordings

I am working on migrating a vitalpbx 3 system to a 4. Most of my extensions are built as channel sip so I do not want to just move the database over. I am looking for the custom recordings we have so that I can copy and paste them in the new system.

To whom it may concern, I finally found something. A folder /var/lib/vitalpbx/static/xxxxxxxxx.

This folder contained wav versions of the mp3 recording I uploaded with random alphanumeric names.

FYI: if you use the vitalpbx backup and restore feature, those recordings are included. You can unpack the compressed file.

Thank you for this information. I just converted one of my large systems using several quesues from channel sip VitalPBX 3 to pjsip VitalPBX 4. I didn’t want to restore all the channel sip settings and didn’t realize we could unpack the backup.