Feature improvement to "Ring Busy Agents"


We notice that when we have this feature enabled “Ring Busy Agents” in the queue’s:

Reference: http://repo.vitalpbx.org/vitalpbx/manuals/VitalPBXReferenceGuideVer3EN.pdf

The Agent hear the person in the current call and the ringing of the new call that had arrived in the queue and this sound of the ringing make lot of noise that can’t hear the person that have in the call.

We would like that you change this fature or add another options inside within this to create an alert with a litle sound to notifify the agent in the call to avoid the sound of the ringing of the the new call in the queue. I thing that the sound in switchboard are perfect, like when a call arrive in the queue , is identical to that of airplanes when they say we have to put our seat belts on.