Fax email attachment without the Virtual Fax Module

Dear VitalPBX community,

I am testing VitalPBX and read the following in the documentation of the inbound routes:

Fax Settings
Fax Detection this determines whether faxes should be detected on this route. If fax detection is enabled, additional parameters can be configured, and a dropdown will appear which is used to select the extension to which the inbound faxes will be directed. Typically, this extension is a DAHDI extension that has a physical fax machine plugged into it. However, it may also be a virtual extension that will be answered by VitalPBX. The program will accept faxes and turn them into digital documents for

This last phrase makes me think that it is possible to have the system send email attachments with the digitalized fax even without the Virtual Fax Module? And how would this be setup? I tried with the setup of a virtual extension but cannot see how to configure that for fax as suggested in the documentation.

Of course there is no problem purchasing the Module at a certain point, but at the testing phase I would like only to receive fax emails and see how it goes.

Would that be possible?

Many thanks.

IIRC, the faxing module is free for 1 user. But I may be wrong.

Pitzkey ia right: one FaxDevice is free.

And for installation: go to Add-ons and install the Virtual Fax module and set it up afterwards.

Without that Faxes are not possible anymore. The phrase you quoted is old.

Thank you both. I created the device and associated directly to an inbound route as required in my case.

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