Fanvil X5U & X6U V2 Templates Missing

We are having an issue where we have to reboot a Fanvil X6U-V2 twice in order for internal or external outbound calls to work, inbound calls to the phone work fine and the extension is registered ok. After digging into the config I found that the templates only allow for the version 1 Fanvil devices. As Fanvil have released a version 2 and the XML config is slightly different, in particular with video codecs, I think VitalPBX team needs to add to the templates a version 2 of each device so we can distinguish which model of the phones we are using. After I modified the XML config in the template and removed some video codec data that the V2 phones don’t support I was able to get my phones working correctly without a second reboot.

I’ve also had issues when trying to update Firmware from Vital as the phones checking in are trying to apply version 2 firmware updates on version 1 phones and throwing invalid file errors. Finally I realised the version 1 and version 2 phones are almost entirely different under the hood and should be separated in Vital.

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Thank you for reporting the issue, we’ll analyze the template’s documentation and add any necessary fixes for the next update

Please try to edit the template with following changes to fix the firmware file related issue

Auto Image Url :

Upgrade Server 1 :{{ $connectionSettings[‘firmware_path’] ?? null }}

I get the below error when trying to apply the config in the XML file for a Fanvil X6U.

template.txt (115.3 KB)
copy the attached file content and try again

Is this for the version 1 template I’ve created or version 2 as I’ve had to split them since v1 and v2 phones have different lines of code in the template file and it causes the phones to bug out and not be able to call outbound etc. I’m a little confused about exactly what this code does. Can you please it please so I know what I’m applying to my phones?

That’s for the firmware issue, version 1.

We’ve requested the templates we are waiting for an answer.

If you can please share an exported template for those models

I was able to get 3 out of 4 files. See attached. I’ll need to track down a X6U-V2 phone as I don’t have any stock of those right now.
X5U_V1_ncConfig.txt (84.5 KB)
X5U_V2_ncConfig.txt (106.4 KB)
X6U_V1_ncConfig.txt (102.6 KB)

X6U_V2_ncConfig[1].txt (131.7 KB)

Also experiencing this issue with my Fanvil phones.

Any progress on investigation @Roger ?
What exactly is the code you’ve shared doing?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you for sharing the files, they’ll be added in the next update

The code is to fix a firmware update issue