Fanvil X5U v1 custom phone wallpaper not applying

I’ve applied a custom wallpaper to a Fanvil X5U template, however when the phone provision the wallpaper is the only thing that does not apply.

I can upload the same wallpaper file manually to the phone when I logon to the local GUI of the same Fanvil X5U. It just does not seem to get the settings for the wallpaper from VitalPBX.

FYI the Fanvil X5U is the version 1 of the device with latest Fanvil firmware. Same issue on different firmware as I tried downgrading but issue persists.

Is there something I’m missing here?

I seem to be having the same issue on an X4U. I have an X3SG here and that works fine.

I am having the same issue of my X5U phones.

We have found one potential fix. In the config if you move the line for wall paper higher up in the config , we moved ours to the top of this section and it just started working:

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Awesome workaround. I just tried this and it fixed my issue. Also I found that phone wallpaper gets sent over HTTP so make sure you have that port open as well. I setup my VitalPBX for HTTPS redirect and only opened HTTPS but wallpaper URL was failing as this not opening HTTP port was blocking it.

On a side note, as you all work with Fanvil and VitalPBX… I use Fanvil FDMCS to provision my phones automatically and I noticed that I need to wait a bit once the phone does initial boot up out of the box, then reboot manually for it to provision. Do you have the same behavior? When we used 3CX I found that the phone would pick up config and reboot automatically so I didn’t need to manually go to the phone and reboot. I know I can easily reboot via the FDMCS but as 3CX was doing this different I thought maybe I was missing something since it would be nice for the phone to have a zero touch deployment?

I dont use FCMCS (i had to google it as id never heard of it!) We use DHCP option 66 with the provisioning URL /$mac.cfg on the end and that means as soon as the phones boot they provision right away, and then we have them set to auto reprovioion ever 24 hours and also at reboot.
Its annoying as on Yealinks you can just say reprovision every day at 6am but with Fanvils its done on an interval basis.