Fanvil X4 BLF/DTMF missing from Endpoint Manager

VitalPBX: 3.1.3-1

We are investigating moving our hosted clients from FreePBX to VitalPBX.
When investigating Fanvil support in Endpoint Manager, we found an issue with BLF

The lights on the phone never light up with the options available in VitalPBX.
FanvilBLF Options

If we change the options directly in the phone to BLF/DTMF, things work as expected.
FanvilBLF Options Correct

Relevant section of config that is generated by VitalPBX:

Fkey2 Title        :BLF 102
Fkey2 Type         :1
Fkey2 Value        :102@1/ba102

Correct values after adjusting directly on the phone:

Fkey2 Type         :1
Fkey2 Value        :102@1/bd102
Fkey2 Title        :BLF 102

I hope this is clear and helps you add this option.

Thank you.

So, changing the BLF key from BLF/AXFER to BLF/DTMF do the trick?

Don’t you think that’s an issue of the Fanvil Firmware?

I’m not sure if there is a issue with Fanvil firmware on BLF. I stumbled across the working scenario when trying to discover if it would work with VitalPBX.

I did upgrade the phone firmware from it’s ancient version to the most current Fanvil FW. It made no difference.

I will try again tomorrow with a second brand-new Fanvil phone and make sure I hadn’t missed a step.

Overall, we are quite impressed with VitalPBX and look forward to buying our Carrier license.

I forgot to include the Fanvil phone model. It’s a X4.

Its strange that BLF/DTMF works but regular BLF not. But it should not have anything todo with Vitalpbx.

And keep in mind: you should not use the Endpoint Manager (it’s old). Better use Phones Provisioning. You find it in Addons.

From our initial Fanvil testing (which is going back two years now), we found that BLF/BXFER works best.

This is not a VitalPBX issue, rather a Fanvil issue.

With that being said, I do support the idea of VitalPBX exposing in the provisioning module all types of BLF that are available on the actual phone, so an admin can choose what they want.

Well, that’s interesting. It works perfectly using BLF/BXFER.

I don’t know what I did wrong before. Perhaps it WAS an issue with fanvil firmware like @miguel suggested.

Thank you everyone who helped me investigate this.