Fanvil V6X Provisioning Support

Would love to see the Fanvil V6X series phones added to the phones provisioning templates.

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Agree would be really nice.
Fanvil Firmware is always the same.
Should be easy.

It would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Haven’t seen or heard anything yet about support for them. It would be great seeing as I’m sitting on a pile of Fanvil V64’s and there’s just too much manpower required to manually provision and maintain any decently large deployment of them.

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Just saw the patch notes from yesterday’s update and it looks like theyve added Fanvil V6x support. Really glad they added these templates.

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Having issues provisioning a few Fanvil V64’s. The phones will provision but I can’t seem to make calls, BLF’s don’t assign, and the voicemail button does nothing at all. I upgraded to the latest firmware but that didn’t fix the issue.

Did you check at the phone level(GUI) what’s missing?

Here are screenshots from the PBX interface versus the phone GUI. Like I said, the phone does provision but BLFs don’t apply.

For further analysis, Could you please configure the phone manually and then export the config file?

Apologies for the delay. Here is my exported config file once I’ve configured it manually in the phone GUI: