Failed to authenticate through VPN

Hello everyone,

I have two VitalPBXs on two different sites linked by a built in OpenVPN tunnel, I have a trunk on both side to make sure my calls go through as if it was internal calls.

My trunk is up as my calls go through the other VitalPBX (seen via sngrep -c) but are rejected because of No matching endpoint found and Failed to authenticate (seen via asterisk -rvvvv)

I am a novice regarding Asterisk so I don’t really know what I am doing wrong.

Does anyone have run into this issue before ?


Are you using PJSIP for your trunks?

Did you define the IP Address of your server under the match field of your trunk?

I was using PJSIP trunks but switched to SIP and it is working now.

Thanks for the reply.


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