Failed authentication


I installed VPBX, created PJSIP Extension and trying to connect soft phone Blink, getting auth error. Some years ago I was using Elastix and it was much easier. As I understand PJSIP protocol differs from SIP, but Blink has the possibility to create only SIP account. I checked settings and see PJSIP on 5060 port, SIP on 5063. I tried to set in Blink 111@, but no luck, still failed auth. What options I have? Should I use another soft phone? Any recommendations with PJSIP support? Can I move PJSIP to another port and SIP to default 5060?

Are you trying to connect the Blink softphone using a Tenant account?

what is tenant account? can’t find it in wiki. I just created an extension 111 and trying to connect Blink using the account 111@ and see wrong auth in logs despite of correct password.

Are you using the Multi-Tenant module?

Is IP valid? As far as I understand, the first IP address is assigned to the router.

Can’t find what is Multi-Tenant module in wiki too. I use default configuration, just installed VPBX from ISO. Yes, is the VPBX VM IP.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

What do you see in the Asterisk CLI?

You sure I need to use CLI? I just created Extension in web GUI and trying to connect softphone Blink. No idea what is the difference between PJSIP and SIP. Should I use especial PJSIP softphone?

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