External phonebook entries are not uploaded

I’d like to create a new external phonebook in VitalPBX 4. I download the CSV template, add the entries to the CSV and upload to VitalPBX.
New external phonebook is created but there is no data in it.

If I try to open the generated phonebook URL I get 403 Access denied error message.

System Version
Distro Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye)
Kernel 5.10.0-28-amd64
PBX Engine 18.21.0
VitalPBX 4.0.7-3
PHP Version 8.1.11
Phonebook addon 4.0.1-1

Looks like something is wrong with you changed .csv
Or try to reopen the page after you imported and saved.

Keep in mind: the URL works only on phones of the brands like yealink and so on. Not from your browser.

I also wish it was different to check sometimes.

I used a simple text editor (mcedit on linux) to edit CSV file and not Excel to avoid coding mismatch. Reopening/reloading page doesn’t help.

reminder about URL is noted. Thanks.

Here’s a CSV I used for testing. All is working flawlessly in the latest VitalPBX 4 version!
phonebook-20240408-095358.csv (142 Bytes)

I found the problem/bug.
I used your CSV and rewrite the first person. The phone number left empty becuase he has only mobile.
After that I uploaded the modified csv without phone number. Only the second entry was uploaded.
Then I modified the first entry and I wrote the phone number before the mobil number and in this case all entries are uploaded.
So as I see if there is an empty value in between then that entry is not uploaded.

This is the file when the first entry was not uploaded but only the second.

This is the file when both entries are uploaded.

The column “Phone” is required, that’s why!

OK, it’s required. I noteiced it. But I have some questions:

  • Why it is mandatory? Many people has only mobile number.
  • Does “phone” number means the compay landline number?
  • Does the “home_number” means the people’s landline number at home?
  • Where was it written that which column are required? The Phonebook wiki page is empty currently.
  • If it is required then there is a bug in the admin user interface during upload. It would be good to inform the users during/after the upload. Especially the new users.