Extensions out not registered temporally (as in standby)

I have a recurrent problem with the VitalPBAX extensions at my work but it is not always the same extension or they are all at the same time, it only happens with one of them, during a call some extensions are silent, or if you go off the hook to do a call appears as unregistered, at that moment I do a “ping” to the IP of the extension and I don’t have a return immediately (as if I were out of the network) only until after a few seconds I have a return of the command, after that the call is normalizes or can already make a call again, it is as if they isolated themselves for a few seconds.
The VitalPBAX I have installed is updated to version
They are configured on a VLAN.
Have any of you had this problem before?
*Sorry for any mistakes in my English, I didn’t speak that language.

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Hi Sir,

Please make sure you have the recommended VitXi configurations: VitalPBX Preparations - VitalPBX Wiki

Then, you can do some tests.


A switch with the same range of IPs as VitalPBX was detected, which is why it was creating a conflict in the extensions.
But still thanks for the help.

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Perfect, sir.

We will mark the topic as fixed,

Best regards!