Extension monitoring (BLF) with multiple calls


I noticed that when an extension is on the phone and gets a 2nd call, the BLF button on phones monitoring that extension will stay solid (Busy) and not blink (Ringing).
I checked the asterisk hints, and saw that the state does change when the 2nd call coms in to InUse&Ringing, so I took a Packet Capture, and found that the PBX sends another notify to the subscribed phones when the 2nd call coms in, but the state will be confirmed instead of early.

So my question is, is that the expected behavior? and is there a way to change that?

Thank you!

I guess that is something you have to ask your desktop phones provider. What phone brand are you using?

I’m using Fanvil and Yealink phones. however, I don’t think it’s related to the phone since the PBX is the one sending the notify, and it’s sending a confirmed when it should send an early

Well here’s the answer, I added notify_early_inuse_ringing parameter to the PJSIP device profile and set the value to yes, and it’s working as expected now.


Here’s more information about that parameter.

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will there be a “fix” or an option (radio-button) for everybody in future versions?

Not everyone requires that parameter. Probably the parameter would be added to the GUI in future versions.


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