Export Extensions via cli | cron job


I would like to do the same as export all Extensions via web browser but in a cron job in VitalPBX to than send every day to our Human resources to keap all data from all users inside of company updated.

Could you please provide the location or a funtion on VitalPBX via cmd to generate this excel file to send via ftp to one external folder or via mail?

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Currently, we don’t have a CLI command to export extensions. Nonetheless, you could use the API to retrieve the list of extensions filtered by the tenant.

Is there any another way to consult all this data from users via cli to export to a file?

If not, is it possible to develop the feature?

We have need to create a autonomous routine to do it instead of do it manually to send to our human resources and then automatically update all data phone from users.

Is it possible to display this list in VitalPBX CLI, withe extension and endpoint?


This was already answered:

Why not use the API?

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