Exception when trying to provision a Phone


Whenever I try to add a phone (via scan network) I get an Exception:


Tried with two different fresh VitalPBX 4 installations and SNOM D385 / Poly VX411 Phones.
I fill all the parameters nessecary, hit save and BAM!
Same happens when I edit (not create) a Snom D385 Template (doesn’t happen with a poly template)

Correction: It doesn’t happen when I try to provision Poly Phones. Snom only…

Even when i try to add a snom phone manually in the provisioning menu this happens. So i don’t have to go through the scan network route…
The Phones are created anyway but it doesn’t work at all. As soon as I try to edit the phone created the same error appears

We will do some internal testing. Thanks for reporting it!

Addendum: same problem with Cisco 8841 :slight_smile:

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