Exception when trying to edit Cisco Phones XML


since (I think) Version 4.1.0-4 it is impossible to edit/view the XML file for Cisco Phones in the Provisioning Modoule. I get an exception whenever I try. See attached picture.
With my snom phones everything is fine.

Hello, is this happening with an especific model or with every model?

I have 2 Cisco models, 8845 and 8865. Problem is with both of them. And only with cisco. Not with snom, not with polycom.

Try to reload the template and save the changes

Sorry for the delay.
I’ve tried to reload the template (Provisioning → Templates → Chose template ->Custom → Reload)
It reloads withe the default but when I press update to save it i get another exception and the template has not been saved. I remember this behaviour in a former version and that has been fixed. See attached Screenshot.