Email Setting Webrtc Admin

Hi VitalPbx,

On page admin webrtc admin, we find menu manage → Mail Setting

I success configure SMTP and can sent email.

But when i create new user user on menu “users” ->> user manager, i don’t receive email. we need if we create new user will be sent information like password, login name…etc, so I don’t have to tell the agent the username and password manually


Is it the bugs or misconfigured.


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Hello Sir!

Currently, a “welcome” email is not sent when creating users.

If you like, you can add the suggestion in the category of #wish-list to have it registered.

We find this feature useful and necessary, we will add it to our list of future VitXi features.

Best regards!

Hi Sir,

So, what for the functions mail setting on webrtc admin page?


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Currently, it is used to send an email when requesting a password reset in the login section of the application.

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