Email Recordings per Extension

A toggle to allow email call recordings to the extensions email would be great to have.

+1 for that.

However, if you want to get your hands dirty a bit, you can add a hangup handler to each channel and process the email in the hangup handler.

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Maybe no hangup handler needed.


DumpChan() can help as well.


That might help certainly, just need to figure out what arguments can be passed to the script to add some logic I guess.

Usually it is the standard channel variables that you can pass as args.

Please check underneath the screenshot:

This will help you see every variable on the channel when you do a asterisk -r -vvvvvvvv

You can then pass every variable you want as an argument or better:

while getopts "a:b:c:d:e:f:g:h:i:" opt
   case "$opt" in
      a ) paraA="$OPTARG" ;;
      b ) paraB="$OPTARG" ;;
      c ) paraC="$OPTARG" ;;
	  d ) paraD="$OPTARG" ;;
      e ) paraE="$OPTARG" ;;
      f ) paraF="$OPTARG" ;;
	  g ) paraG="$OPTARG" ;;
	  h ) paraH="$OPTARG" ;;
	  i ) paraI="$OPTARG" ;;

Example recording script URL:

/var/lib/vitalpbx/scripts/ -a "^{REC_FILENAME}" -b "^{CALL_SOURCE}" -c "^{CDR(billsec)}" -d "^{CALL_DESTINATION}" -e "^{email}"

I got a PHP/MYSQL script that gets the email to the corresponding extension . Write a PM if you need more information.

What you will find: you might run into issues when you transfer calls. You need to record internal calls then, even it used to be an external call.



For this being implemented into VitalPBX.