Edit extensions from CentOS CLI

Hello all,

Is there a way to edit the configuration of extensions directly from the CLI ? I do not have access to the Web GUI right now and I need to change some names so I was wondering if this was possible.

I found some .conf files I could edit in /etc/asterisk/vitalpbx. Can I just edit these and reload Asterisk in order for my modifications to take effect ?

Thanks for the help.


Please let us know if this works. I would believe there are multiple locations though where you might need to change the name.

Config files are created from database values, so while you can edit the values directly next time you reload from the gui, the system will re-create the config files with values from the database so your changes will be lost.

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I will wait to get access from Web GUI another time as I don’t really know the structure of the database.

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