Easter monday dates

How do you insert Easter monday dates (in advance) in Time Groups?

Not sure I understand your question…

Please elaborate on your question.

Normally, you would enter April 10 for Easter Monday 2023.

Yes that is possible for next year (2023).
But how about 2024 (1.April), 2025,…

If you want it automated for every year then you would need to use Dynamic Destinations Addon. And a local or public Holiday API which sends information (like 0 or 1) if the current day is a holiday or not.

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The problem is only Eastern as it is movable every year.
So if the would be a field for a Year all would be ok:

Time groups uses Asterisk’s GotoIfTime() application, it does not support adding years.


You can submit a feature request on issues.asterisk.org, but you will have to submit a patch, since feature requests are only accepted with a patch.

The other way around it, it to use a custom context or do what @mo10 has mentioned.

So I made a mysql connection but is not working:
If I run this via sql editor I get correct result: 0 for normal day or 1 for easter monday

What are the correct setting for connecting to mysql db?
Could you provide an example?

Also the hint/help is not clear to me:

Try with:

select count(*) as response from easterMonday WHERE.....
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