e911 Dispatchable Location variables and imports

Maybe I am missing something, but here is the problem I think I have. I work for educational institutions with large buildings that have lots of classrooms. As far as we can tell the law requires we report the room number along with the building info in the event of an emergency call. I can utilize the Emergency CID fields or the Devices Emergency CID fields to report this to emergency services so that’s fine.

The problem I have is notifying the building that an emergency call was made. I think it is important to include the classroom number the call was made from but that leaves me with some tough options. The dispatchable locations are nice, but in my situation I think I would have to manually create a dispatchable location for each classroom and then manually assign each extension to a dispatchable location. None of this seems like it can be done with imports. It would be sweet if I could import dispatchable locations using an import file, and also if I could link extensions to the dispatchable locations via the extension import file.

The only other way I think this could be achieved is via the Emergency Notification Email template. If there was a way to add a variable for Emergency CID or the Devices Emergency CID (Name and Number) fields then the room number can be in the Emergency CID Name attribute and that can be a variable in the email template. Actually I was surprised that the variables available in the email templates only include Extension/Device Number which pulls the original extension of the device and not the one specifically labeled for Emergency CID. So maybe just some more variables in the email template would solve this.

Or like I said maybe I am missing something, I welcome any and all comments. I realize there are a lot of places that do not seem to be concerned with reporting the room number but from what we can tell it is required in our situation/building sizes.

Does anyone have thoughts on this? It is going to require a significant amount of time to manually setup and link an individual dispatchable location to each extension.

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