Duplicate button for various items

Hi there,
we’d like to have a “duplicate” button in a lot of items, such as Outbount Routes, Time Conditions, Time Groups, Trunks, …

In also it would be nice to have a duplicate function for Tenants, so we can add a new tenant using some sort of “template” from an old tenant.

Finally in Time Groups, would be possible to insert an Import field, to import TXT or CSV file for complex Time Groups ?

Best regards
Paolo - PF Technology s.r.l.

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Nice idea, especially for duplicating IVRs. For example, I create a time condition and a second IVR that differs from the first in that “Press 1 for John Smith” sends a night time call direct to John Smith’s voicemail, bypassing the extension and any Follow Me diversion.

I was just looking for a way to clone or copy a tenant for the same reasons you mentioned and stumbled upon this thread. This would be a huge help!

This is something we would implement in future versions. Nevertheless, we don’t have an ETA yet.

Do you know if this is still being considered as an enhancement and, if so, is there a target date yet?

This would be awesome, sparing us a lot of time!