DTMF issue on vitalpbx 4.0.6-3, multi tenant

We have installed multi tenant vitalpbx, with some tenants on it, they are working well but we realized that the DTMF for atendant transfer, and blind transfer *2 and # aren’t working, the features are showing the write information.
Builtin Feature Default Current

Pickup *8 *08
Blind Transfer # #1
Attended Transfer *2
One Touch Monitor
Disconnect Call * *0
Park Call *4
One Touch MixMonitor

Dynamic Feature Default Current

auto_rec_switch_in no def *1
auto_rec_switch_out no def *00
one_touch_rec no def *3

Feature Groups:

===> Group: custom-features
===> → auto_rec_switch_in (*1)
===> → auto_rec_switch_out (*00)
===> → one_touch_rec (*3)

But when we tried to do a transfer from the phone, even from the phone’s buttons, they aren’t working.
We have already activated the DTMF logs in the log rotate, and we are seeing that the DTMF are reaching to the server, could you help us what we are missing?