DTMF is being duplicated with vitxi webrtc app

Why dialing out a number from vitxi webrtc that directed to IVR and requested to enter the extension number to dial, we get that a message that “no-route-exists-to-dest&vm-pls-try-again” and we found that the dialed Ext number is duplicated in the asterisk log (i.e. extension 101 that we want to dial show in the log as we tried to dial 110011)
I have vitxi latest version (4.0.1-3) with latest vitalpbx v4 (4.0.3-2)

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This is not duplicated. Do you mean 101101?

Please re-read it again I write 110011 which is 11 00 11 so each number i press on the Vitxi during the call on the IVR to dial 101 is sent twice. that is what i mean by the number pressing duplicate issue.
when I try another softphone registered extension to dial out the same number and reaches the IVR, then dials the ext number, the DTMP is sent correctly as example the 101 is sent 101 not duplicated as while dialing with VitXi webrtc.

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You are right. That is really strange.