Drop Anonymous Calls Response

It looks like the PBX hangs up calls with a 603 to inbound routes that have Drop Anonymous Calls enabled.

The problem is, that this will cause the provider to retry multiple times, or try the secondary server they have set as failover.

The best way would be to actually answer these calls and play a “No service message”.

See below, something that was suggested a while back

Do you mean execute “Zapateller()” instead of responding with the SIP Code “603”?

The correct way or “dismissing” a call is by properly dropping it in such a way that the provider will know not to retry or to try failover servers.

So, in my opinion, the best way of doing so, is like what I mentioned in the linked post: “Answer” the call and play a ‘Not in service’ (or: ‘this line does not accept private calls’) message and then hang up the call.