Do you have multi tenant?

Concerning Multi-Tenancy, we have our Multi-Tenant commercial add-on module.
This allows you to manage multiple companies with a single VitalPBX installation.

You can granularly configure the modules and limitations to which the tenants have access. As well as sharing outbound routes and trunks from the primary system, you don’t have to repeatedly configure outgoing routes and trunks for every tenant.

Here are some helpful links that can help you better understand how our Multi-Tenant add-on module works:

Multi-Tenancy explanation.

VitalPBX Multi-Tenant Webinar.

VitalPBX Multi-Tenant Tutorial.

You will also find additional information on our wiki, where we have the manuals for VitalPBX and all the applications we offer,

Regarding licensing, you can purchase individual tenant packages through our website.

These packages are one-time payment individual licenses for our Multi-Tenant add-on.
You can also license the Multi-Tenant add-on with our Carrier Plus Licensing Plan.

Our Licensing Plans will also license multiple commercial add-ons at once. You can choose between monthly, yearly, or one-time payment options.