Disappear extension menu


disapper voicemail and followme setting on extension setting page when system gerneral settiing has disable voicemail, follow me (need to add)

it is good for user helping config.


here is screenshot.

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IMO: This should be done under the User Profiles Permissions, there, if the VitalPBX team can add there initial tabs or settings each profile can access within each module.

Meaning, it is very useful to provide for a manager limited access, such as updating extension names and emails, but you don’t want them to mess with anything else…

Thanks for both suggestions.

About the first one, I guess every customer has different needs. Removing tabs depending on what is enabled could be something that only some customers need. Some customers might want their users to manage their diversions, while others don’t. So, my point is that it is hard to please everyone.

About the second suggestion, doing granular permissions management is quite complex and could take considerable time.

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hi all,

thanks for reply.
it is diffcult to localization.

thanks again.