Dialplan.php error after update to 4.0.0 R4


after update to 4.0.0 R4 this happend after adding a new PJSIP extension and pressing apply (reload).
After restart: same problem.


And 1 extension is registered but does not show on dashboard:



Thanks for reporting it. We are re-checking the whole code to improve the PHP 8.1 compatibility on VitalPBX 4.


Exeption Error still in 4.0.0 R5.

Dashboard seems to be fixed.

We’ve tested the app a lot and we’re unable to reproduce your Exception error.

Here’s a video of a quick test.

Do you have a clean installation?

Maybe this happened to us because we updated from 4.0.0 R3 to R5?

Which command on CLI could help?

Yes, the Video attached is from a brand-new installation.

However, I’ve done the same test on a server that was installed a long time ago with the first version.

We still have the issue.
Which CLI commands could help? Like rebuild Database or so…

You can check on the error via ssh or remote if you like.


Looks like fixed in R6. Thanks.