Dialing Restriction Rules: Setup Call time limitation by destinantion: not working

Hello dear team

I wanted to setup call limitation for Outbound calls that go to certain countries.
For exemple, when people call Congo 243xxxxxxxx, the call will be limited to 5 Seconds, after 5 seconds, call will eater stop or play some announcement then hangup.

I tried bellow setup but when i call a number, i can talk more than configured 30 seconds

Thanks again

Hello again

I was able to setup this Call Time Limitation.

For people who will need to perform this:

  1. Start by creating Dialing Restriction Rules (as on previous screenshot)

  2. Create Class Of Service for this rule and select the previously created DDR

  3. On the Extension(s) where you want this Call Limitation rule to be applied, select the above created Class Of Service


That’s all

Thanks a lot for the VitalPBX Support team for this help

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