Dialing Restriction Rules not working

Dialing Restriction Rules are not working.
I want to allow on certain number(s) to be dialed.
I can still call any number. I sure set the CoS in the extension.


VitalPBX 3.1.0-1

Is this dial restriction tied to a COS?

Also, try filling in a custom context.

Yes it is tied to a COS. And that COS is assigned to the extension.
.800330100 is the problem here so it seams after testings. It will allow any number.

Which custom context should i assign and how should the CC look like?

If i use patterns without the .8003301000 all looks fine.


Can you please share a call trace via pastebin.com link?

It is not showing anyting helpful. It’s allwoing anything so nothing is in the trace.
Seems like the “.” is allow everything even there are numbers after that.

VitalPBX - Dial Restriction Rules - YouTube Here you can see a use case of the module. Are you applying the pattern correctly?

i thought it would be good to use the “.” before 8003301000 to include:
+49800301000 and
00498003301000 and

But i guess this ins not working and is causing problems.
In the end there must be quite some Numbers in there that are allowed to be called. I guess i have to add all of them with the 3 possible ways each.