Dial External Number from the Queue

is there any option to dial an external number from queue ?

this option is available in Ring Group.

I just want to dial custom application code when call arrives in the queue.

Could you please explain in more detail what you are trying to do?

Best way to dial external numbers in Queue is to use the Follow Me option. Make sure to enable “Allow Diversions” for the member. Can be a dummy/fake member as well. No phone needs to register.
CFI is not working as expected there.

Good thing about Follow me: you could use the “prompt callee” feature. Do make sure really a human answered the external call (not the mobile phone voicemail).

You can enter any number in Follow Me. Could be a number of a custom context / application as well.
You can still give CFI a shot and see how it reacts.

Or maybe you could try a custom context right before entering the queue?!

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Same here. No feedback :cry:
Helping is no fun like this as you may understand.

I am using custom application for email and zammad notification and created a ring group with two external numbers

  1. Custom application
  2. Queue #

This workaround is working.

I was trying to bypass the RG and when queue # is dialed then custom application will trigger.

Thanks for all your help.

Sorry again not getting back to community and will improve my behaviour.

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