Destinations after DND and Blacklisted


can we please have destinations after DND and Blacklisted? So we can choose what can happen afterward. Terminate Call or any other Destination like a Ringgroup or Queue…
Should be easy to do for you.

Thanks a lot

You already have destinations for blacklisted numbers:

About DND, it goes to Voicemail when the voicemail is enabled in the called extension.

You are right.
But can you please please make destination for DND happen?

We are using no voicemail. Want to send it to a different destination.


I guess DND means that you don’t want anyone to bother you. So, why send the DND to a destination? You can use features like Follow-me, Call Forward on Busy, Call Forward When Unavailable, etc.

It’s not as easy as you say it.
Client wants his BLF red when not available. This is only possible with DND. But also he wants the external call not to be lost and it should be send to a colleague or ring group.
Bis a destination after DND this would be so easy.

If you meant the BLF to monitor the DND status, let me tell you that all the Diversions have a BLF for monitoring them.

You can propose the Personal Assistant feature that allows providing 5 different destinations to the callers.

Other internal users must see that the extension is DND. External callers must hear the message but then should go to a ring group.
Personal assistant is not what they need.
And it does not solve the DND Blf requirement.

Haven’t tested it. But a custom dialplan that skips the DND check, or alters the state temporarily to deliver the call may work.

Example please how you would do that? Thanks.

Sorry, I don’t have one.

Looking at Dialplan of CFI and doing this should do the trick:

;Set BLF to Red
;Set BLF back to Green


Useful, but we have to set this per number. For example, some if I want some blacklisted numbers to go to an announcement then get dropped, or to reroute them to a service like Jolly Roger, currently we have to set this for each number. It would be easier if it were a global setting we could select.

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